Cork floor live how long?

First of all, from the perspective of price

Heating the floor, floor heating floor in one bought floor has floor heating. Hot body only 5mm from the floor surface, heat very quickly. Intelligent control systems, heating period, the room, the temperature can be independently adjusted when room when no one can turn the temperature down or even shut down, reduce energy consumption, so that you can maximize the conservation of electricity, fees are naturally low.

Secondly, from the peace of mind in terms of

This also is what we call indirect expenditure, traditional heating mechanical rigid qualified heating time, heating temperature can not be independently adjusted resulting in low rates of customer satisfaction, while billing the rigid, also user to charging standard is not accepted and refused to pay for heating costs, charging is an acute problem. Use of heating floors, heating, space heating, heating temperature user ownership, how much to buy, resolving heating and charging problems in one fell swoop. Heating the floor, easy to install, paving, take up less space, does not occupy a floor, is the old heating, easy upgrades, and new House decoration of choice. Easy to use, safe and reliable. Also eliminating the need for hot water, leak repair, queues, and other links. This saves people time, saves the trouble, indirectly saving money.

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